Putting Professor

After listening to the likes of Harold Swash, attending seminars by Dr Paul Hurrion and researching the theories Putting matt oneof Dave Pelz, the professor believe that skilful and distinguished putters all have certain similarities; sound mechanics and an understanding of the fundamentals. He empathizes with all golfers who have experienced the frustrations of bad putting.  As in the past, he has also experienced that same frustration but there was light at the end of the tunnel for him and there can be for you too.


The Putting Professor practices the technique from a scientific angle. Using V1 video analysis, GSA putting analyser and advanced biomechanics theories, it becomes obvious where each pupil’s putting flaws lie.




After achieving the appropriate insight towards the fundamentals of proficient putting, each pupil will be coached through a series of drills to develop their posture, alignment, hand position, ball contact and tempo.

putting matt 2

Once all the above have been enhanced and the pupil can putt in a straight line consistently, they can then move onto the more advanced areas, such as the reading greens etc.

Using a combination of expert analysis, V1 software & GSA putt, it is clear to see that the Putting Professor’s theories give the pupil the best opportunity to dramatically improve their putting potential.

It’s no wonder Ryder Cup participant Gordon Brand Jnr, World Trick Shot Champion Paul Barrington, European Tour players Mark Sanders & George Ryall all put their trust in The Putting Professor’s hands.